Vending Machines

A healthier alternative to convenience and fast foods

Healthy Vending Machine Melbourne
Consider requesting vending machines which dispense snacks and drinks according to the traffic light system to encourage healthier eating patterns.

(Image from Healthy Choices Healthy Futures)

USI Vending MachineAlpine VT3000

USI Vending Machine Alpine 5000 ElevatorAlpine 5000 Elevator USI Vending MachineAlpine VT5000

USI Alpine VT3000 Vending Machine

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USI Alpine Elevator Vending Machine

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USI Alpine VT5000 Vending Machine

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Melbourne Healthy Vending encourages healthy eating by providing these services:

  • Dedicated drinks or snacks vending machines.
  • Combo vending machines which dispense both healthy drinks and snacks.
  • Machines which promote workplace health and well-being.
  • Machines which will fit into any venue.
  • Energy efficient vending machines which are environmentally friendly.
  • Machines which accept coins, notes and credit cards.
  • Remote monitoring technology for efficient service and maintenance.
  • Vending machines which dispense good quality food and drinks 24/7 for the convenience of shift workers and overtime staff.
  • Healthy vending machines promote good ethos and corporate responsibility towards the well-being of staff, clients and visitors.